Taking to the Road, Red Lion Style

Putting a name to a face is one thing. Putting a new app to use is another, especially when you’re running to make your connection and your boss is yelling in one ear as you balance a bagel and coffee. Not that we endorse that, but, when you’re a road warrior, sometimes it’s all just a part of what you do. Fortunately there are a slew of apps out there that we use here at Red Lion Seattle Airport that make travel at Seattle Airport easier, so why not take advantage of these excellent apps (both iPhone and Android) as you’re charging up?

Instead of stumbling over someone’s name and title while fumbling for their card in your wallet, you can let FullContact Card Reader file their info away.

No need for fax machines with SignEasy, which allows you to sign PDFs and more on the go.

FlightTrack maintains your flights’ departure and arrival times,  providing real-time departure info, delays and gate numbers, plus alternate flights if yours is canceled, and more incredibly helpful info.

Rounding out our list of app MVPs is GateGuru, which provides detailed maps of airports and terminals (including Seattle, of course), your flight status, and – randomly but helpfully, an associate found – a review of dining options.

Armed with these, you can set out for your next business trip to Seattle and stay at Red Lion knowing that all your business and travel needs will be met.