Adventure in Redwood National Park


As a hotel near Redwood National Park, Red Lion Hotel Eureka has the spirit of adventure embedded. Redwoods are one of the most iconic and majestic natural wonders in America. Redwood National Park and Redwood State Parks is a quintessential visit for any nature lover. Most people know Redwood as home to the tallest trees on Earth, but the parks also hold vast prairies, oak woodlands, wild rivers, and long coastline. After you’ve spent a long day exploring, relax in our nearby Redwood National Park lodging.

The best way to see the stunning Redwoods is up close, and the park has 200 miles of trails that wind past (and sometimes through) these massive trees. Elevations range from sea level to over 3,000 feet, strolling through old-growth forests, amber prairies, and pristine beaches. Mild temperatures allow trails to stay open year-round. Explore still, calm wilderness, where all you can hear is water trickling in the distance and silence of nature all around. Don’t want to travel to far from the car? The world famous Avenue of the Giants is the best Redwood road in the State.

Throughout the parks, you can see the indigenous wildlife up close. Roosevelt elk, one of the largest members of the deer family, are a common sight. Males sport large antlers in fall and winter, while females are smaller and have no antlers. It’s also easy to go whale watching at the very popular Patrick’s Point or Shelter cove. A resident population spends time around the Klamath River Overlook. Pick a clear day, bring binoculars, and watch for their spouting!

When you visit the park, make sure to check weather conditions and park alerts, so that you’re aware of any advisories before you head out into the park. Also, make sure to observe all wildlife from a safe distance. Listen to park rangers to make sure you have a safe and fun visit to Redwood National Park.

With magical natural beauty that you can’t see anywhere else, the park is a must-see for anyone who loves the outdoors. Our Redwood National Park hotel ensures that you have a comfortable, relaxing stay during every night of your adventure in Eureka, California. Come join us and start exploring!