The Best Ways to Relax on Your Business Trip

Sometimes taking a business trip doesn’t feel like a vacation at all. At Red Lion Hotel Jantzen Beach, though, we turn your business trip into a relaxing getaway from the regular office grind. We make things easy for you from the start with complimentary parking and a complimentary airport shuttle, making it a breeze to get to our Portland hotel.

Check out these tips to de-stress while on your business trip, and consider our hotel near the Portland airport on your next trip to the Portland area.

  1. Re-energize With A Work Out

Our hotel fitness center is here to make sure that your trip doesn’t interrupt your workout schedule. Even if you don’t have a set routine, working out for just a half hour or so can create a positive effect on your body and mind. It’s never a bad time to pick up some weights!


  1. Relax With a Movie

Sometimes the weather doesn’t agree with your plans, or you’re just too wiped out to head out. If so, our hotel has complimentary Wi-Fi, so you can enjoy classic movies and television shows on Netflix and Hulu. Order room service and spend a night in comfort.

  1. Visit the Columbia River Gorge

Escape the office and recharge in nature. The Columbia River George is a National Scenic Area, and “scenic” is quite the understatement. The park runs from the Sandy River to the Deschutes River. Its 292,500 acres span southern Washington and northern Oregon.


  1. Watch the Portland Trail Blazers

Join Rip City as the Trail Blazers fight their way through the Western Conference. Our competitive team features star forward LaMarcus Aldridge and point guard Damian Lillard. They’ll be gearing up for a playoff charge this spring. Watch the Blazers take on the NBA’s best as they try to turn Rip City into Title Town.

With spring coming, it’s the best weather to travel, and the most affordable. We’re offering 20% off all reservations at our Jantzen Beach Hotel. When you want to turn your business trip into a vacation, stay at Red Lion Jantzen Beach.