Hikes and Rides: Redding to the Redwoods

While you’re in Redding, visit the Sacramento River Trail, the pride of Redding’s trail system. This 16-mile network runs along the Sacramento River’s banks. The trail begins on Court Street, then travels west along the Sacramento River. A wooded section gives way to an open area with a striking view of the Trinity Mountains. During the spring, melted snow flows down from the mountains, giving the river a glacial deep-blue hue. You’ll also discover the remnants of the railroad operated by the Central Pacific Railroad. At the three-mile mark, you’ll come to the Sacramento River Trail Bridge, the first stress ribbon bridge built in North America. From there, the choice is yours: cross the bridge and continue along the river’s opposite bank, or head to the Keswick Dam trailhead. At the end of the trail, you’ll find the lovely McConnell Arboretum, an impressive garden complex surrounded by 200 acres of riparian forest and oak savannah. It features the Sundial Bridge, which is surfaced with translucent structural glass and functions as the largest sundial in the world.

Red Lion Hotel Redding is less than a short day trip from Northern California’s gorgeous natural beauty, one of The Gateways to the Redwoods. Enormous redwoods are scattered throughout ancient forests. Winding river trails twist through the lush green scenery. It’s a hiker’s paradise, with dozens of trails and miles upon miles of nature for you to explore. Love bicycling? The Redwoods is one of the few national parks that allow biking in the backcountry. Ride your bike along the coastline and through the Redwood forest. Nearby Northern California hiking trails start just outside our Eureka hotel too. Our locations just outside these parks make us the best hiking hotels in the region.

California’s six major redwood parks each has its own character. Prairie Creek is a lush and emerald coastal forest. Jedidiah Smith is light-filled and the most photogenic. Del Norte is uniquely located on a prominent coastal bluff. Redwoods National park occupies a wide and heavily-logged inland valley. Dense, dark lowlands characterize Humboldt Redwoods, while Big Basin has mixed-species woodlands. Along with these six parks, there are fifteen other small parks with old-growth groves, which are just as enjoyable as the major parks. In addition to the famous redwoods, you can reach the edge of Big Sur’s coastal bluffs and stroll through Anderson Valley’s rolling farmlands.

If you’re looking to find the best hiking, the further north you head, the better. Jedidiah Smith State Park has the most scenic redwoods and several trails for every type of hiker. Stroll along the half-mile walk around Stout Grove or drive up Howland Hill Road, a one-lane dirt road. Boy Scout Tree Trail is a longer, five mile trek that experienced hikers will love. If you’re hoping for a full day’s worth of biking or hiking, head to Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, where the eleven-mile Miner’s Ridge and James Irvine Loop is the best all-day redwood adventure. The Brown Creek Trail also offers a stunning pass through the forest.

Red Lion, “Redding’s Lodging Leader.” Redding, Ca. one of the Gateways to the Redwoods. Here in Redding, we’re spoiled with natural beauty and wonderful trails that let us take advantage of the scenery. We’ll be glad to share our local adventures with you when you arrive.