How to Make Your Summer #WorthIt

This summer, take the long way home, just for the view. Buy a dish you can’t pronounce to savor new flavors. Get the most out of every moment. Extraordinary experiences are always #WorthIt.  We encourage you to get out there and go the extra mile to find those magical moments new places can bring you. A stunning beach, an amazing hike, or an unforgettable flight over the desert is right at your fingertips. It’s your journey. MAKE IT #WorthIt.

Here’s a few ways you can capture your summer moment.

Chill On The Beach

With several beach hotels, we give you access to the surf. Travel to Anaheim to experience Orange County’s famous beaches, including Laguna Beach. Surf on rolling Pacific waves, stroll along the boardwalk, or just lay down and suntan. Head along the coast to Long Beach, where you’ll find The Queen Mary, The Aquarium of the Pacific, and The Long Beach Museum of Art. Take a whale watching cruise to see the Pacific’s majestic wildlife up close.

California’s not the only place on the West Coast with gorgeous beaches. Jantzen Beach sits along Hayden Island, which lies in the Columbia River, right on the border of Washington and Oregon. This Portland attraction features great sailing, along with kayaking and canoe rentals. And, once you feel like drying off, you can visit the Janzten Beach Center, a large shopping center with many name brands and local shops. With lush trees, calm waters, and a summer climate perfect for adventure, the Pacific Northwest is a must-see for adventurers.


Explore New Trails

Upstate California has miles of trails that weave through ancient forests. Gargantuan redwoods loom like skyscrapers over a forest floor misting with bright green shrubs. Redwood National Park is a quintessential national park, and it’s on the bucket list for any hiker. With both developed campsites and backcountry camping, this park accommodates you whatever your familiarity is with the outdoors. Their activities extend beyond hiking to wildlife watching, bicycling, ranger-led programs, and kayaking. In addition to the redwoods, the park also has a stunning coastline. The Klamath River Overlook gives you plenty of picture opportunities. Stay in Redding, one of our convenient hiking hotels, and visit Redwood National Park to discover why you don’t have to leave the States to find world-class beauty.

Olympic National Park lies just across the Puget Sound from Seattle. Over one million acres of preserved forest spread across its hills and valleys. This large park protects a rich mosaic of natural and cultural history. The park is excellent for camping, and its many hiking trails wind through the old-growth forests and lively coastline. Climbers will find shales, sandstones, pillow lava, and soft basalt formations to explore. Investigate the tidepools along the coast to discover the coast’s fascinating wildlife, such as starfishes and bright anemones. The park also has ranger-led stargazing nights. With the park deprived of human-made light, the natural darkness allows you to see natural views of the night sky that are unforgettable. Visit Port Angeles to experience Olympic National Park.


See The World From The Air

Hiking lets you see the world from the ground, and a beach lets gaze at the horizon, but hot air ballooning lets you see for miles and miles in the sky. New Mexico is a haven for hot air ballooning with many festivals throughout the year. Take a hot air balloon tour in Grants to see New Mexico’s stunning desert beauty. Miles of desert expand into sharp bluffs and deep canyons. Later in the year, there’s many balloon festivals, where dozens of colorful crafts ascend into the air, making a mosaic of rainbow colors.


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