Summer Brings Exciting Hydroplane Races to the Tri-Cities

Every July, the Tri-Cities holds one of its most unique traditions, the hydroplane racing at Columbia Park East, which allows spectators to watch 200 mile-per-hour hydroplanes shoot across the water for an adrenaline-racing experience. Besides the boat racing, the event also includes military aerial performances, games and live music.

2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the event, and like the inaugural in 1966, there will most likely be 12 Unlimited Hydroplanes in attendance.

Come experience this lively event July 24-16, 2015 and stay at one of Red Lion’s hotels in Kennewick, Pasco or Richland to stay close to all the action.

Purchase tickets to the hydroplane races and these other exciting events:

  • HAPO Gold Cup
  • HAPO Airshow
  • Grand Prix West Hydros
  • Vintage Hydroplanes
  • 1-Liter Hydroplanes
  • Museum
  • Banquet
  • Miss Tri-Cities Program

View of a full schedule of events here.