Experience Natural Beauty With Outdoor Activities in Helena, Montana

Here at Red Lion Colonial, we relish heading out to spend some time enjoying Helena’s natural beauty. Helena’s best hiking trails wind through the wilderness around the city, past pristine lakes perfect for fishing. Just minutes away from our Helena hotel, you can escape the town’s congestion and explore the wonders of the great outdoors.

Mount Helena City Park

225 Cruse Avenue, Suite A

Helena, MT 59601


Open all year, Mount Helena City Park has several trails winding through it, offering glimpses of varied scenery at different points. The park is 5,468 feet above sea level at its highest point. The 1906 Trail has the easiest route to Mount Helena’s peak. It treks along the base of limestone cliffs, taking you past the Devil’s Kitchen. The Prairie Trail winds through prairie wildflower fields. It is the best place to see the cliffs and north-slope landscapes. When the wildflowers are in bloom, the colors here are stunning. The Backside Trail passes through a grassy woodland with ponderosa pines, while The Hogback Trail is a rough, rocky trail that heads along Hogback Ridge. While it is difficult to traverse, it offers spectacular views. The Prospector Shafts Trail has prospector shafts at its halfway point and explores the recently acquired southeast quarter. Finally, The West End Trail heads through the park’s most remote section, to a comfortable meadow in Mount Helena’s shadow.

Helena National Forest

Helena National Forest Supervisor’s Office

2880 Skyway Drive

Helena, MT  59602

(406) 449-5201

The Helena National Forest encircles Helena in almost one million acres of forest. The forest’s diverse topography creates gorgeous scenery to explore by foot or bicycle. The forest even boasts a good bit of history, as you’ll discover ancient Native American paintings as well as mining ruins. The forest has dozens of trails and campgrounds waiting for you to explore on your trip. Small streams, perfect for trout fishing, wind through the forest, and there are even hunting opportunities for big game, upland birds, and waterfowl. Horseback riding trails crawl through the forest’s mountains, and there are several campgrounds close to corrals that accommodate horses. The Helena National Forest is a nearby destination for some scenic Helena, MT hiking.

Great Divide Montana

7385 Belmont Drive

Marysville, MT 59640

(406) 449-3746

More interested in winter activities? Great Divide is a snow sports mountain park with more than 100 trails. Offering some of the best Helena, MT ski trails, the Great Divide ski area is spread across three picturesque mountains. Great Divide Montana’s Backyard Beginner’s Slope is a quiet place for beginners to get their footing. Other family-friendly slopes include Meadow Mountain and The Snow Zone. On Fridays, you can even ski under the lights until 9 p.m. Rawhide Gulch, Wild West, and Mount Belmont offer challenges for more serious skiers. When you come back to warm up, listen to some live music in The Missing Lynx Saloon.