Fun and Frosty Ways to Spend the Winter in Kalispell

Skiing and snowboarding are the preeminent winter activities in Kalispell, drawing the crowds who come through for the holiday season, and filling the local lodges. With a rich variety of slopes, academies and ranches surrounding our Kalispell hotel, there’s an option for any level of skier or snowboarder, from bunny slopes to double black diamond to Nordic-style cross-country adventures.

Choose Blacktail Mountain or Whitefish Mountain Resort for downhill skiing on some stunning slopes, or the Bigfork Community Nordic Trails or the Buffalo Hill Golf Course for a cross-country ski outing. These are just a few of the Kalispell skiing and snowboarding locations near us, so check out the full range within driving distance.

As magnetic as the skiing and snowboarding opportunities are in these parts, they are far from the only way to pass the time here during your winter trip. The nearby Woodland Park is a breathtaking 40-acre park boasting extensive walking paths, the lagoon, and the well-maintained hockey rink of the Woodland Ice Center. If ice skating or hockey are more to your liking, take full advantage of this amazing space for both. Snowmobiling is also a popular pastime, with Polaris sled rentals and guided tours in the area available from Winter Wonderland Sports.

Heading out to the frosty wilderness will prove to be magnificent and an incredible workout. Glacier National Park offers seemingly-endless acres of nature for hiking, snowshoeing, and more, while Lawrence Park’s Sportsman Ski Haus offers snowshoe rentals and an easy – and scenic – experience for everyone. Sledding hills are also plentiful, as are spots to build cozy campfires; and, for the truly dedicated and hardy winter sportspeople, there is ice fishing available at the nearby lakes. Dog sledding, a quintessential winter pastime around our part of the country, is readily available at Stillwater State Forest. Make some furry friends and have an exhilarating adventure with the family-friendly Dog Sled Adventures Montana.

If grabbing a hearty meal and hot beverage are your primary goals, you are in luck. Ranging from the rustic to the upscale, our local Kalispell restaurants are well-versed in wintry fare, cocktails, and more. Enjoy the warmth as you sink into a booth at Kalispell Brewing Company with a handcrafted ale and some live Irish music; dig into some hearty pizza at Moose’s Saloon; or savor the heat of a cup of decadent hot chocolate at Norms News. Of course, après-ski options abound, and if you’ve spent the day on the slopes or hills, you’re in luck. Blacktail Mountain has a beloved ski lodge, complete with a roaring fireside and a full bar and grill upstairs. Give your body a break, and indulge in some fire-lit food, drink and company.