Campfire Favorite: S’mores

No one can resist a freshly roasted s’more straight from the campfire. But how do you cook it to ooey gooey perfection? We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve.

Before you put flame to that mallow, start by prepping your sandwich and lay out your graham crackers and chocolate squares near the heat of the fire. It’s okay, let the chocolate get a little melty.

Next, we’ll move on to the crown jewel: the marshmallow. One thing you’ll need to know is that toasting your marshmallow takes patience.

Whether you use a stick from the backyard or a skewer (be careful…they get hot!), you must have the patience for your marshmallow to get that golden glow:

  • Don’t put your marshmallow directly over the open flame. Instead, roast it over the fiery, red coals.
  • Keep it rotating! Turn your marshmallow almost like a rotisserie. Keep that consistent motion so the whole mallow gets toasted evenly.
  • Remember that time is on your side… you can’t rush perfection!

Once the marshmallow is to your liking, bring it over to your nearby prep table and start assembling your s’more. Enjoy!

Take it to the next level – Try these s’more creations!

  • PJ&J – spread peanut butter on one side and your favorite jelly on the other. Add your toasty marshmallow.
  • Valentine – sliced strawberries + nutella…yum!
  • Olé – use marshmallow fluff, Mexican chocolate and a pinch of cayenne.
  • Candyland- substitute your favorite candy bar for the chocolate. Try Butterfingers®, Andes Mints®, Heath Bars® or Reese’s®.