On the Road with Fido

We know it’s often hard to leave your four-legged friend at home while you enjoy a getaway. Whether is two days or fourteen, we’ve got the tips for you to bring Fido along for the ride.

Prep your pup.

Start early! The more time your dog spends in the car, the less afraid he will be when the time comes to jump in for a family road trip. Take your dog on short trips and increase the time gradually.

Bring Proper Records.

Make sure your pet has all of its vaccinations up-to-date and bring the records with you. They may come in handy if there is an emergency or you need to show proof of vaccinations in certain states.

ID Please?

Your dog should always be wearing his proper identification tags with name and phone number clearly marked. Consider microchipping your friendly companion, just in case something were to happen.

Pack a Doggie Bag.

Pack plenty of food, treats and toys for Fido. Keeping everything familiar helps your pup feel more comfortable in a foreign place. Also, don’t forget to pack bottled water or fill up a container of your local tap water. Sometimes a change in water can upset a dog’s tummy.

Find time.

If you bring your dog on vacation with you, try to bring him out with you as much as possible. Take him to dog-friendly parks, cafes and beaches. When you must leave him, make sure he is properly crated with a bone or toy to keep him occupied. *Note: Having a blanket or a towel from home with a familiar scent in the crate helps create a more comforting environment for your furry friend.

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