Back to Basics: A device-free road trip for kids

In the age of technology, more and more parents are providing their children with tablets and smartphones. While these devices are a helpful tool for families to utilize, they could take away from the one-on-one experiences families have on vacations. This vacation, do something different and encourage your children to put down the devices, turn up the music and go back to the basics for a good ol’ family road trip.

Need activities to do along the way? We’ve created a printable activity packet filled with crosswords, games and more!

To make everyone in the vehicle happy, allow them to pick out their top 10 songs for the ultimate road trip soundtrack. This can even be turned into a reward system: If they behave, they can hear each of their songs (or add another on). If they don’t behave, they get a song taken away.

Road trips are meant to be a fun, enjoyable experience where families bond and create lasting memories. Be sure to unplug and take in the view out your window, and make vacation #WorthIt!