Did You See That?! – America’s Roadside Attractions

The U.S. is packed with quirky finds and national roadside attractions. This week, we’re on the hunt to find the wackiest stop-worthy places across the nation. So, buckle up and let’s take a ride!

Located in our hometown of Spokane, Washington are two giant milk bottle buildings, aptly named Milk Bottle Building #1 and Milk Bottle Building #2. Formerly part of the Benewah Creamery Company, these buildings were built in the mid-1930s as a way to advertise and sell their milk. They served as concession stands to eliminate the fees of delivering door-to-door.

The Giant Radio Flyer Wagon sits in Riverfront Park in Spokane. Created for the Centennial Celebration of Children in 1989, this wagon is an interactive sculpture for children to climb up and slide down the handle.

Over in Salt Lake City, Utah is “Gravity Hill,” where you can put your car in neutral and get pulled up the hill, not down. Legends say an old farmer’s spirit resides on the hill and helps drivers to safety by pushing them up the hill. Go see for yourself!

Edgar Allan Poe grew up in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. It’s in this city that you can find his house and his graves. That’s right, Edgar Allan Poe was buried twice. Once in 1845, in an unmarked grave in the back of the cemetery. And then moved in 1875 to the front of the grounds with a monument that was funded by the people of the city. Another curiosity to see at Westminster Hall is the sagging tombstone of Revolutionary War vet William Matthews. The bench looks as if it’s almost being sat on.

Want more landmarks to find along your journey? Check out:

  • The Cabazon Dinosaurs – Cabazon, CA
  • Cadillac Ranch – Amarillo, TX
  • Hole n’ the Rock – Moab, UT
  • Lucy the Elephant – Margate, NJ
  • Giant Paul Bunyan – Bemidji, MN