Most Forgotten Items To Pack

Your flight is booked, the hotel reservation is made and your bags are packed. But are you forgetting something? There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination and realizing you’ve forgotten an essential item. You made a mental list, but somehow it just got overlooked. Never fear! Here are some great solutions to help you remember the most forgotten items:

Set it out.

If the item is in front of you, it’s less likely that you’ll forget to pack it. Make sure to place it in a spot of highest traffic. It could be on top of your luggage, placed next to your car keys, or even set in your car. Either way, take time to locate the items you want to pack and gather together beforehand.

Make a list.

For something so simple to do, it’s a shame more people aren’t keen to making lists. Lists help you stay organized and on top of what you haven’t packed yet.

Set a reminder on your phone.

Most phones have a feature built in for you to set a reminder list and even an alarm to go off. Know what time you must leave for your trip? Set a reminder for 10 minutes before you take off to remember to grab your toothbrush.

Buddy System.

Traveling with a friend? Remind each other about which items you need to pack. Schedule a phone call the night before to go over everything you might need.

Curious to know what makes the list for the most forgotten items?

  1. Phone Charger
  2. Camera Memory Card
  3. Toothbrush/Toothpaste
  4. Sunscreen / Sunglasses
  5. Swimsuit
  6. Umbrella
  7. Jacket
  8. Prescriptions
  9. Extra bag (for shopping)
  10. Cash