Noteworthy Travel Apps

Like to travel? We do, too.

Although we may like to claim we can travel all on our own, any travel-savvy person will tell you that they get by with help from their collection of travel apps. Whether you’re exploring the urban jungle or on the road to visit your Aunt Sue, apps can help lead the way. Here are just a few of our favorites:


Just plug in your destination and this navigation app finds you the quickest route. The users (aka Wazers) help the app understand which routes are quickest by reporting on traffic, accidents, hazards, closures and even police. Waze can also point you in the nearest direction to gas, food, parking, hospitals, grocery stores and more. It’s simple to use and, most importantly, FREE!

Hello Rewards

RLHC’s Hello Rewards app is the only hotel app you’ll need. Hello Rewards is our way of saying “Thank You” to our loyal guests. As a member, you’ll receive plenty of personal touches and extra perks when you stay at our hotels. On the app, you can book a reservation in a few simple clicks and access your Hello Rewards profile – allowing you to get great deals on your stay. Plus, see how close you are to earning your free stay.

Open Table

Need last-minute dinner reservations? Open Table is here for you. The app allows you to browse restaurants in the area and see their menu, reviews, photos and rating. Once you’ve made a selection, you can book your reservation with just a few clicks. This app can come in handy on a Friday evening in New York City, walking the cobblestones in Montreal, or on the pier in San Francisco.


If you haven’t downloaded Lyft yet, you’re missing out! Lyft is a ridesharing app similar to using a taxi, but WAY better. Instead of driving around a city you don’t know, you can summon a Lyft from your app, plug in your destination and see a price estimate. You’ll be able to see where the driver is and how long it will take for him or her to arrive. The best part is that no money is exchanged – it’s all done through the app. So, why Lyft over Uber? Lyft allows you to tip the driver in-app and provides discounted perks if you’re a frequent user. Lyft promo codes are also available for first time riders to earn free rides.


Grab is a new app that you should be on the lookout for. It allows you to order food from airport restaurants and pick it up as you mosey on over to your departure gate. It even provides you a map of the airport so you can get there swiftly. Although Grab isn’t available at every U.S. airport yet, many larger airports (Dallas, Los Angeles, Atlanta) are up and running. Download and see for yourself.

Summer’s here and there’s no time to waste. Download these apps today for a smoother, happier travel experience.