Creative Ways to Grow Your Vacation Budget

Budgeting for vacation can be hard. Here are some easy tips to help you collect some extra spending money:

Change, please!

Round up all of your change and cash it in. You’d be surprised how much you accumulate! Use it to splurge and take the family out to a nice dinner or spend it on a family activity. Think about it; it only takes $1.37 a day to save $500 a year.

Kids can participate, too! Make it a challenge to see who can put away the most change or surprise them for their good deeds by adding to their jar. They can use their money to get a sweet treat or pick something they want to do on vacation.

Make some extra cash.

Clean out your closet and sell to a second-hand store or at a garage sale. Trust me, you won’t miss that polka dot top when you have more cash in your pocket!

You can even pick up a few shifts here and there while driving for Uber or Lyft. You decide when and where you want to give others a ride home.

Get paid while you shop. Companies like Ebates give you cash back when you shop online through major brand names.

Think about your purchases.

Packing your lunch can save you $25-$50 per week. Think of how much you can save when you do it for the entire year. One simple lifestyle change can really impact your vacation budget.

Learn the difference between a need and a want. Make only “need” purchases and create a vacation account to put that extra money that you saved away.

Cut the extras out of your life. Have a gym membership that you’re not using? How about a magazine subscription that you haven’t read in months? Take the time to rid yourself of the extra expenses that you’re not taking advantage of.

By using these recommendations, you can save thousands of dollars and put it toward your family’s next big getaway.