National Family-Fun Month

August is National Family-Fun month and there’s still fun to be had. How will you celebrate? Let’s make memories that your kids will hold onto forever. Here are our favorite family-friendly activities.

Take a trip. This is a no-brainer! Whether you take a day-trip to a local farm to pick berries or weekend getaway to Anaheim, your kids are going to cherish the time spent together. Make the whole trip fun – play car games or sing songs along the way. Be sure to ask your kids what they would like to do so they feel included in the adventure.

Go camping in your backyard. Set up a campsite in the comfort of your backyard. Make a campfire, grill some classic favorites and tell spooky stories. No camp out is complete without s’mores! Experiment with different flavor combos – try our recipes!

Volunteer in the community. Non-profit organizations are always looking for help and even young children are often encouraged to help with their families.

Attend a local festival. Cities large and small all have something to celebrate and summer is the time for festivals! Whether it’s an art, music, fruit or culture festival, you’re sure to learn something new and have a good time too!

Host a block party. Before the kids go back to school and families get busy with their own lives and schedules, offer to host a block party. Some neighborhoods are able to close off the streets so kids can ride their bikes safely. Contact the local fire department to see if they can bring a truck by for tours. Keep costs down by asking neighbors to bring dishes to share, anything they want to grill and their own beverages.

Do nothing at all. Assign one day to do absolutely nothing at all! Stay in your pajamas, watch movies, read books and eat popcorn and popsicles. After all, homework, sports practices and busy schedules are just around the corner.