How to Tackle Holiday Travel

There’s nothing better than the holidays – curling up with family and loved ones, sipping on hot cocoa and sharing a home-cooked meal – but in order to get everyone together, someone must hit the road. You’re not alone. Over 103 million Americans are expected to travel for the holidays this season. So how can you prepare for one of the busiest times of the year? We’ll let you in on a few expert tips.

Plan Ahead
Book your flight in advance and turn on incognito mode for a better chance at getting lower prices. Be wary of the cancellation fees. If you have the ability to cancel your booked flight, keep your eyes open for a better-priced ticket so you can cancel and secure a better flight at no penalty to you.

Leave Early
Whether you’re driving or flying, give yourself enough time to get up and hit the road 1-2 hours earlier than expected.

For the airport:  Although we all want that extra hour of sleep, it’s more important to get up early to get to the airport than wait in line and possibly miss your outbound flight. Once you’re through security or safely on your flight, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be home for the holiday.
For the car: Use apps like Waze to predict your arrival time, traffic, hazards and detours. The app can even send a notification text to people who are expecting you. Hit the road in the wee morning hours, around 2-4 AM. Traffic will be lightest then.

Pack Light
Instead of bulky gifts that take up space, opt to give gift cards instead. If big presents are a must, ship them through the mail ahead of time. You’ll thank us later for saving you the hassle.

Get Sleep
Your health is important when you travel. Take the necessary precautions to prevent sickness – pack in the vitamin C, drink plenty of water and hot tea, and rest up. If you’re about to change time zones, try setting your watch and phone clock before you take off for your trip so you can easily acclimate yourself to the time.

Safety First
You should always be prepared if an accident were to occur.

Lost luggage? Lucky for you, you came prepared with an extra change of clothes, important documents, money and even snacks in your carry on.
Stuck on the side of the road? Pack plenty of water, a flashlight, blankets, hat/gloves and non-perishable snacks in your winter safety car kit.

Whether it’s your turn to travel to your mother-in-law’s for Thanksgiving or you’re planning on flying across the country for New Year’s, we hope that your holidays shine bright and your travel time is light.