A Weekend in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, Utah is filled with surprises around every corner – brimming with history and natural beauty and rich in arts and culture. Salt Lake City began when Mormon pioneers settled into the valley in 1847, long before Utah was a part of the United States. As more and more people settled in, it was clear that this city was going to be the capital of the 45th state of the United States of America. This history is present throughout the city and seemingly unavoidable for tourists.

What to Visit

The first place everyone should visit is Temple Square, home to the LDS Church and the founders of this city. Did you know that the city was mapped out starting with Temple Square and stemming out from the four roads that surround it? Explore the architecture, history, art and gardens of this city centerpiece.

If you’re in for an adrenaline boost, head to Utah Olympic Park, where the 2002 Winter Olympics were held. This family-friendly site offers hands-on activities like zip lining, climbing, summiting and more. It also has a museum and a variety of winter-sport activities you can sign up for.

Visit at least one of the 15 National Parks and Monuments within a few hours’ drive of Salt Lake City. A true nature-lovers dream, Salt Lake is the perfect hub to get out and explore some of the world’s most acclaimed and scenic areas. Want to stay local? Hike around the 80 acres of Liberty Park. Be sure to check out the Tracy Aviary and the historic Isaac Chase Mill.

For an unforgettable view of the city, hike to The Living Room viewpoint – where stones have been stacked like sofas and armchairs.

Another noteworthy place to check out is the Family History Library. It’s the world’s largest library of genealogy – filled with microfilms, books, records and maps to help the general public trace their family history. You can do it free of charge!

Have Food, Will Eat


Not from the West? Try a sandwich at the original Even Stevens Sandwiches. This is a sandwich shop we can get behind because every sale goes toward benefiting non-profit charities to help feed the community. Not only are they charitable, but their food is AMAZING, too! Sample a Banh Mi sandwich, Jackfruit Torta or a hearty Breakfast Burrito.

For the best burger in town, eat at the Copper Onion on East Broadway – locally sourced beef, aioli, lettuce and caramelized onion does the trick.  You can also delight in house-made pasta, a daily meat & cheese board or even an Indian classic, Saag Paneer.

Did you know Salt Lake City is a beer town? Despite the rumors about the heavy liquor laws, SLC does not disappoint when it comes to drinking. Hit up Red Rock Brewing Co. for delicious eats and rotating drafts. EPIC Brewing Company has over 40 award-winning craft beers on tap with a pub menu at the Sugarhouse location on State Street. Avenues Proper is worth a try, too! Enjoy a pint of their own Proper Brewing Co. beer and dine in style.

Pretty Pennies


Finding a new treasure to take home is easy to do in this city. Salt Lake City opened the first department store in America in 1868 (and also the very first KFC…look it up). Check out Gardner Village, hosting 22 locally owned boutique shops from artists to craftsmen. You’ll be sure to find a special piece! Trolley Square and City Creek Center are also local hot spots for retail therapy. For odd and eclectic finds, turn to Unhinged.

Whether you’re in town for the Sundance Film Festival, hiking through the Mighty 5, or simply want a relaxing weekend away, Salt Lake City is a charming city to get lost in. Enjoy an escape to Hotel RL Salt Lake City for impeccable service and accommodations. We’ll make your stay #WorthIt.