How to Live a Stress-free Life On and Off the Road

Let’s face it, life can be stressful. Between work, juggling family engagements, flight delays and just about everything else, it can be hard to keep your cool at times. We’re here to help you be the best you can at all times of the day. Here’s how we stay stress-free.

Yoga + Meditate

When you wake up in the morning, don’t jump out of bed just yet. Instead, do a little yoga and meditation to start your day with an ignited mind and body.

Start in child’s pose position and breathe deeply. Box breathe for 10 breaths. What’s box breathing? Breathe in for 3 counts, hold for 3, exhale for 3 and hold for 3 – creating an imaginary box with your breath. You’ll come out of this exercise feeling peaceful and at ease. Ahhh!

Next, get up on all fours and do a few cat-cow exercises. Pull your belly button up toward the sky and tuck your chin for cat and arch your back, pulling your belly button down to the ground while lifting your head for cow. This move is all about breath, too – helping you to mentally prepare for the day while stretching your body.

Shake your body out and sit with your legs stretched outwards. Take the time to do three seated forward folds for 15 seconds each. Reach your arms out as far as you can bend to touch your toes. Hold the position. Remember to breathe and stretch further every time you exhale.

Lastly, sit crossed-legged and close your eyes. For 30 seconds to a minute, take deep, meaningful breaths and set your intentions for the day. Want to get work done? Need to get through that big meeting? Hoping to stay patient with family members? Preparing yourself mentally will help you keep your goals top of mind and the negativity away. If you find your day swarming with negative thoughts, come back to this step or try box breathing.

Stick with your Routine

When traveling, you can really throw your body and mind off balance. It’s best to stick to doing things that you would normally do back home to stay healthy, more productive and grounded. Stock up on some foods you can easily eat in the hotel room instead of dining out. Don’t binge on unhealthy foods – while they may be the quicker option, they will most likely leave you feeling worse. Berries, nuts, oatmeal and oranges are proven to help fight stress.

Stay hydrated! This is one of the most important tips you need to hear. Keep a refillable water bottle on hand. It’s difficult to keep hydrated while traveling. Avoid drinking too much coffee, tea and alcohol while traveling and opt for water. New climates and surroundings often throw your drinking habits off balance. Keep reminding yourself to hydrate. You should be drinking more than eight cups per day.

Go for that late evening jog or hit the hotel gym. Whatever you can do to get your body moving will help your energy, overall state-of-mind and health. No hotel gym? Get creative and try our in-room workout.

Don’t drastically change your lifestyle because you’re in a different location. It takes some planning, but will keep you mentally focused and ready to take on the day!

Make Lists

Keep yourself on track by creating lists to keep you organized and free of distraction. You can make a list for just about everything – packing, do-not-forget items, work tasks, daily goals, scheduling. Focus on one item at a time and check off as you go!

Pencil in a 10-minute break in the middle of your list. You’ve earned it! Go grab a coffee, take a quick walk in fresh air or chat with a friend. Taking a break is like pushing the refresh button. You’ll come back to your workstation feeling ready to take on the rest of your day.

If you don’t get around to completing everything on your work plate, don’t sweat it! There will be days where you can’t complete everything. Circle back to it tomorrow and add the task to the top of your list.

Entertain Yourself

Play your favorite music while you work. It can boost your mood, improve your productivity and get you through your workday with ease. Be wary of songs with heavy lyrics or newly discovered music. These songs can often distract you; however, see what works best with your work environment.

Same goes with while you’re on the road – create a playlist that you’ll love to jam out to! Sing-a-longs definitely brighten the long drive.

Make time to have fun each day! Whether you’d prefer snuggling up with a good book or taking the time to wander through an antique shop, spend your free hours doing something you want to do.


It’s amazing how little things like lists, music and eating properly affect your mood and help aid in a stress-free lifestyle. Have a happy and healthy adventure!